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id you know that there is actual science behind the types of colors that we use in our lives? That’s right, the colors that we prefer can not only evoke specific feelings from people but can also show off various aspects of our personalities.

Personality is the core of a wrap From business trailer wraps to just a solid color change, the colors that you opt for in your wrap tell your story. Check out these personality “tells” behind some of our favorite colors.

Black Car Wraps Bring Out the Art in Our Work

Although black initially comes off as a “dark” choice, the people who prefer this color usually fall under the artistic and sensitive category. We’ve found that the usage of the color black on some of the truck wraps that we have performed have produced some of the most artistic designs in our catalog.

Like Organization? White May Just Be Your Color!

Are you clean cut? Do you prefer things to be a specific way in your life? If so, it’s no surprise that your car wrap uses white as it’s primary color. White is the choice for people who are often organized and follow their logic before they follow their hearts.

Red Makes Your Wrap a Daring Choice

There is a funny car rumor that police officers tend to pull red cars over more than other vehicles on the road. This makes sense because red is a color that symbolizes rebellion and those that prefer to live their lives to the fullest. If you want a vinyl wrap that really pops to the eye and echoes your rebel yell, make sure to include a lot of red in your initial design.

Yellow Radiates Your Inner-Self

If you want your car wrap to be something that reflects your sunny personality that soaks up all of your life’s experiences, then a yellow wrap is the one for you. This color symbolizes the love for sharing life experiences and gaining new knowledge wherever you can find it. What better way to get to these new adventures, than with a fresh wrap that you’ve designed with your local wrap team?

A Blue Vehicle Wrap Just Makes Others Comfortable

Blue is another one of those clean colors that represents the need for stability in one’s life. Blue is a color that is often paired with people that are reliable, honest, and sensitive of other’s needs. We feel like this color is a great choice if you are a local business or drawing attention from the start contact SOA for a quote today!!

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